Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Know You're Puppet

For the ever-evolving 8mm Movie Matinee, March of the Robots involved a shrinking down of February's excitement: puppet versions of both the 7-foot-tall Projecto-bot & Pumpkin-bot robots!

 And because why should we leave well enough alone, it was also decided that Ek, the ghost child from the lost supernatural comedy ONE GLORIOUS DAY (1922), would make an appearance for March of the Robots, too!

And now a little advertisement for Sunday, April 15th.....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Robot Riot!

The 8mm Movie Matinee takes place monthly, on the third Sunday of the month, at Bar 82 in NYC.  Tons of digest-length 8mm, Super8, and 16mm films are projected from 4pm to 10pm, mixed with puppet shows, and lots of other live nonsense that must be seen to be believed.  To coincide with the February event, which was subtitled Franken-flop 2, it was determined that 7-foot-tall 1930's-styled robots were in desperate need as the event's advertising 'street team'.  The construction was a joint effort between yours truly the Prince of Wails, and Von Erickson Laboratories, although the bulk of the talent came from the latter rather than the former!  The following images document some of the process of bringing the Pumpkin-bot and Projecto-bot to life!

If the Pumpkin-bot looks familiar, it's because he was fashioned off of a 1933 8mm Movie Matinee regularly projected cartoon, Flip the Frog - Techno Cracked: 

At the end of the 8mm Movie Matinee's Franken-Flop 2, the robots blew off some steam outside the venue: