Sunday, December 25, 2011

All the Young Boops

Helen Kane talking about, amongst other topics, how kids romanticize the recent, yet unreachable, past:

Here's a film of Helen from 1929, one year before her likeness was turned into the cartoon character Betty Boop, and 5 years before she unsuccessfully presented her case in front of a judge: 

This may, or may not, have been a story of a lone, wronged woman against the high priced lawyers empowered by a big corporation.  But there were lots of other women involved, including Baby Esther, who apparently Helen Kane witnessed her very similar act very early in Kane's own career.  Max Fleischer and Paramount were supported in court by multiple actresses who each gave Betty Boop her voice in the cartoon series.

Bonnie Poe:


Mae Questel:

There is conflicting information to know who actually played Betty Boop in this classic short, but it's probably either Questel or Poe:

Little Ann Little

Max Fleischer's response to Helen Kane's court case:


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